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[EARLY EVENT] Impossible Trivia w/ Googolplexia!

Howdy Friends, Nerds, Dorks, Dweebs, Know-It-Alls, Brainiacs, Eggheads, and Poindexters! Let's GET STUMPED once again!

Googz here, thanking Foam as I try perpetually to do, for being wonderful enough to extend Impossible Trivia into May. These will be (as they all have been, really) critical weeks in establishing/determining the viability of Impossible Trivia as a continuing entity--I sure have fun doing it, but it also requires real work! All questions are locally-sourced, DIY-style, by my own dang self, on a weekly basis, and generally I spend hours upon hours brainstorming and researching and writing the weekly 45 (48 if you count the tiebreakers!) trivia questions, assembling audio clips for audio rounds, and so on. Naturally FOAM are taking a pretty huge chance on me, especially in times of uncertainty for themselves, and even if I am the only local trivia host to have appeared on national television for purposes of trivial knowledge (if I'm not, I'd love to be corrected on this point!).

I've played Trivia all over Saint Louis (and beyond) on every night of the week. To toot my own horn (because who else will, if I don't?) I haven't seen Impossible Trivia's equal in terms of:

1) Quality of questions
2) Quantity of questions for the time the game takes
3) Variety of categories & exacting curation
4) Lack of current events (that's not "trivia," it's just lazy)
5) Lack of multiple choice (that's not "trivia," it's just a guessing game)
6) Snacks--From now on, count on there being at least fresh popcorn, and usually more, for any/all to enjoy free of charge and regardless of participation
7) Fun--it's a game, after all! I really think some places lose sight of this!
8) Foam--just really a fantastic and cool local community space nigh without equal, for events of any variety, or even just hanging out
9) Googz~~yep, none of 'em have ME! None of 'em even have hosts who go mobile, they're all just sittin' at some table/desk all night long! Bo-RING! I think ambulatin' is the LEAST a trivia host can do!

As I regularly claim: It's possibly the first, probably the only, and definitely the best, trivia on Cherokee Street (or anyplace???).

Show what ya know, and learn what ya don't. I hope to see you on a Monday very soon. Luv, GOOGZ

P.S. This e-Vent description clearly isn't long enough yet, so here's more information for any who feel they need it, and a fun sample quiz, from the old FaceBook e-Vent:

Quick, what's the capital of Burkina Faso? Who's the only pitcher with a perfect game in the World Series? How many Best Director Oscars does Steven Spielberg have? What heaviest stable halogen has atomic number 53? Who wrote MOBY-DICK? And, in what year did Eli Whitney invent the cotton gin?*

If you knew the answer to any of these IMPOSSIBLE questions, and/or you're looking for a fewscore others, MONDAYS** at Foam (FOAM!) are the place to be, beginning FEBRUARY 11th! Bring some pals and join in the fun!

--Free to play
--Teams of ONE to a maximum of SIX allowed
--Three games of 15 questions each (3 themed rounds of 5 questions each per game)***
--Prizes (mostly of the variety that you may IMBIBE!) for individual game scores, and overall nightly winners
--Other surprises and fun as are deemed fitting, appropriate, or accidentally arrived-upon!
--All composed and hosted (i.e. reigned-over tyrannically!) by me, your friendly neighborhood GOOGZ! (Pancake Productions / Googolplexia)****

*ANSWERS: Ouagadougou; Don Larsen; Two (for SCHINDLER'S LIST and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN); Iodine; Herman Melville; and 1793.
**Unless there's a concert or other event scheduled at Foam.
***You may, but probably don't, remember this format as that used by my once-upon-a-time late-night IMPOSSIBLE MUSIC TRIVIA at South City's best pizza-punk bar named for a misspelled citrus fruit, which took place during most of 2012.
****Don't worry, I won't play any pesky Googolplexia music...PROBABLY.