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Holy Gallows w/ A Light Among Many, MotherFather, Ox Braker

Holy Gallows (Memphis, TN)
"Holy Gallows’ new effort, Agita, is a dynamic soundscape composed of meditative drones and analog climaxes. With only two tracks clocking in at approximately 15 minutes each, Agita sends the listener into a collage of symmetrical rhythms and patterns. Led by Memphis-based musician Mark Brake, Holy Gallows creates a brick wall of sound—textured, layered, thick, and expertly crafted. Holy Gallows may remind you of Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Tim Hecker, or Loren Connors. However, Brake takes a patient approach in shaping his own form of guitar-led ambience. Agita is its own distinct narrative, an album embracing the sonic forms of both anxiety and relief."
- Garrett Crowe
Everything is Stories Radio

A Light Among Many (Lyons, CO)
Doom/drone metal, ambient/experimental

MotherFather (STL)
MotherFather is an instrumental post-rock band from St. Louis, MO.

Ox Braker (STL)
Fuzz Rock

830pm - doors
9pm - show
All Ages