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Dimesack w/ Crush Crusher, Mala Leche, Dentist, Ace of Spit

DIMESACK - kc - DJ Dimesack of Phantom Head / many more is going solo and taking this now full band experience on the road. Scrappy, dingy, perfect for head bobbing with sunglasses on in a leather jacket.

CRUSH CRUSHER - okc - new OKC slammer feat members of American Hate, Druj and more. Quick and tight and done before you know it.

MALA LECHE - st louis - all star cast making nauseating and bizarre punk shit. .............

DENTIST - st louis - RiPpInG fast local gurt-fronted hardcore. smash em! stay the fuck away from me!

ACE OF SPIT - st louis - Gabe T. Babe's current banger. I mean....if you aren't sold yet, I'll attach the link, but....cmon.

9pm (no punk time, 5 bands)
$7-10. (obo)
all ages.