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[EARLY EVENT] Impossible Trivia w/ Googolplexia!

Howdy Friends, Nerds, Dorks, Know-It-Alls, and Poindexters! Quick, what's the capital of Burkina Faso? Who's the only pitcher with a perfect game in the World Series? How many Best Director Oscars does Steven Spielberg have? What heaviest stable halogen has atomic number 53? Who wrote MOBY-DICK? And, in what year did Eli Whitney invent the cotton gin?*

If you knew the answer to any of these IMPOSSIBLE questions, and/or you're looking for a fewscore others, MONDAYS** at Foam (FOAM!) are the place to be, beginning FEBRUARY 11th! Bring some pals and join in the fun!

--Free to play
--Teams of ONE to a maximum of SIX allowed
--Three games of 15 questions each (3 themed rounds of 5 questions each per game)***
--Prizes (mostly of the variety that you may IMBIBE!) for individual game scores, and overall nightly winners
--Other surprises and fun as are deemed fitting, appropriate, or accidentally arrived-upon!
--All composed and hosted (i.e. reigned-over tyrannically!) by me, your friendly neighborhood GOOGZ! (Pancake Productions / Googolplexia)****

*ANSWERS: Ouagadougou; Don Larsen; Two (for SCHINDLER'S LIST and SAVING PRIVATE RYAN); Iodine; Herman Melville; and 1793.

**Unless there's a concert or other event scheduled at Foam.

***You may, but probably don't, remember this format as that used by my once-upon-a-time late-night IMPOSSIBLE MUSIC TRIVIA at South City's best pizza-punk bar named for a misspelled citrus fruit, which took place during most of 2012.

****Don't worry, I won't play any pesky Googolplexia music...PROBABLY.