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Foamfest w/ Golden Curls, Ronnie Rogers, Yuppy, DJ Kaleb Kirby + more!

A fundraising show for Foam, the beloved.
More info to be added in the coming hours, nights, days, fortnight.


-experimental psychics of Illinois-

Drew Gowran
-busking percussions-

-chaotic hypnotic surfers-

Frankie valet
-polite bangers only-

Golden Curls
-woozy pop of your dreams-

Jesus Christ Supercar
-american rock from stl, the center of the country-

Morning Mtn.
-midwest emo folk-

Ronnie Rogers
-rock and roll with jam-

Sunset Over Houma
-alt country folk from the south stl-

The Sigmund Frauds
-shoe gazing in your garage-

Teacup Dragun
-alt/goth r&b dipped in emo-

Unmanned Ship
-space rangers visiting from Chicago-

-not your stepdad's rock-
https://too elusive to be caught on tape

Kaleb Kirby spins the verbs to close out the night!

LITTLE DIPPER POP UP! Tanya Key returns to satiate our tastebuds with delicious, edible foods.

1 - Drew Gowran
1:45 - Sunset Over Houma
2:30 - Jesus Christ Supercar
3:15 - Morning Mtn.
4- Dendrons
4:45 - Fluorescent
5:30 - Unmanned Ship
6:15 - Teacup Dragun
7:00 - Frankie Valet
7:45 - Sigmund Frauds
8:30 - Yuppy
9:15 - Ronnie Rogers
10 - Golden Curls
1045 - Kaleb Kirby

Earlier Event: February 16
Street Louis Gallery at Foam