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Lobby Boxer w/ Jacob James Wilton, Magu, Big Tobacco

Holy COW we got a buncha buds coming down from Omaha to play some wholesome rock tunes for YOU (yeah, you!). Come on down for the fun on a good ol' fashion Friday night.

Jacob James Wilton (Omaha) - Like if Cheers was a band

Magu (Omaha) - Somewhere between Future Islands and Cymbals Eat Guitars

Lobby Boxer - The three people operating Mr. Snuffleupagus

Big Tobacco - Take a rip off this death stick

Kickin this one off at 8:30 cause we are rocking at RESPONSIBLE hours these days
Bring $7 cause we got two groups of folks on the road and gas AIN'T CHEAP!
High five a pal and bring 'em along why not