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Curt Oren w/ Real Dom, Kaleb Kirby, Antonio Leone

Special friends are coming by on a Monday night :-) Both have new albums out in 2018 - Curt Oren ‘For Sam Forever Ago’ And Real Dom ‘vs. Heaven’

Curt Oren (Chicago)
Experimental, multimedia, solo saxophone baba. Curt’s last set at Dubb Nubb fest made me cry and cry :’)

Real Dom (idk!)
Goth pop, bdsm EDM!! Dom makes freaky fun music that will make you wanna shake ur butt.

Kaleb Kirby
Solo set by my fav. It probably won’t sound like this but listen to A Leaf in the St -

Antonio Leone
Video art by GUM’s v own, goat cheesy. So excited to see!!!



All Ages