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The Zeta (Venezuela) w/ Mariner, Mystic Will, Magmadiver

The Zeta - Joining us once more, The Zeta absolutely rips! At The Drive In meets Anodes in this raging soundscape from Venezuela

Mariner - having spent a lot of time on the road since their members moved 6hours apart, they are back to play in their favorite city in the US. 

Mystic Will - FIRST SHOW. Members of Path of Might, Ankou/Laika, and Anodes, we know what we're signing up for, and we love every second of it. 

Magmadiver - Their shows are as experiential as they are enthralling. The entire time they are on stage, they will be in command of your senses and you can't help but love that. 

$5 for the touring band
Bring money for merch
Don't be a dick
Contact myself (Jacob Lashley), a band member, or a bartender if anyone is making you uncomfortable
Take care of each other