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Pope w/ Lawn, Paper Ceilings, Ronnie Rogers and the Sunshine BBs

pope & lawn in the flesh

pope - NOLA
v big sweethearts, the LPs rip but live pope will melt ur frikkin face with love and gain

lawn - NOLA
blending honeyed & rough-hewn vibes gonna infect ur bod with movement

ronnie rogers and the sunshine babies - STL
bask in the tunes, savor the wit

paper ceilings - STL
legendary rock & roll music is for life, there are no jokes in these songs they are made for very serious consumption - professionals only please

a pal once said "if you're concerned that you may potentially do or say something, or have done or said something in the past, that could be an issue, then it probably is an issue" and this is a tru & I still love u but maybe don't come if this particularly resonates w u thanks!