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[EARLY SHOW] Faust (go down with all the re$t)

An experimental, rock-opera adaptation of Goethe's most celebrated work. This is the first show of the FAUSTival.
Created by ERA
August 8, 10-11, 15-18
All shows at 7:30 pm at Foam (3359 S Jefferson Ave)
Tickets @

Jimmy Bernatowicz: rehearsal stage manager & technical director
Melissa Blair: stage manager
Will Bonfiglio: Mephistopheles & producer
Lucille Rosalind Cashion: co-director & producer
Katrin Wegner: graphic designer
Miranda Jagels Félix: Dineras & assistant stage manager
Meredith LaBounty: costume designer
Grace Langford: God & Margaret’s Mother
Ben Lewis: lighting designer
Andrea Morris Audrey Morris: keyboard & accordion
Alicen Moser: Margaret
Dustin Sholtes: percussion
Jacob Stern: bass & clarinet
Gabe Taylor: Wagner & co-director
Joe Taylor: Faust, composer & music director
Erica Withrow: Dark Pearl the Magnificent & ERA Intern

The script was created by the ensemble. 

Adapted from Goethe’s Faust. Join us for this capitali$t tragedy with music, dancing, and drinking. Brought to you by Bear Stearns.