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Sean Arnold Book Release Party

You are ALL cordially invited to the book release for my new book of poems entitled "Lost and Found by the Muddy Banks". This book is an overview of the past five years of poem writing. Classic themes such as St. Louis, muddy banks, back alleys, love and protest are all here. 

The book is put out by Kansas City/Belle Missouri's Spartan Press who have published many dozens of fine works, including Brett Underwood's "Mush". Cover and author photo by Virginia Harold.

Expect two poetry sets from the author interspersed with a lush ambient set from inspiration and fellow Barely Free group member Proleteriat. 

There will be amble opportunity to buy books throughout the night, so bring that cash. This will be this month's version of Poetry at Foam, but we will pick back up with a fine regular reading the second Sunday in July.

6PM - Free - All Ages