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Summer Poetry at Foam

Summertime poetry readings are back at the ole Foam Coffee and Beer. Enjoy any sort of chilled beverage you desire paired with lively spoken poems. Poetry in St. Louis is on fire, and for our first reading of the year we have a stacked bill, so don't be shy.


Katryn Dierksen—Cofounder, brains and heart behind the angular and revolutionary Bad Jacket. Runs the open mic Beat the Beet at the Juice Bar on Cherokee. Art critic and arts organizer extraordinary.

Cheeraz Gorman-Author of the acclaimed and fiery collection In the Midst of Loving. Organizer of some of the most prestigious and inclusive literary events throughout town, and a co-founder of St. Louis' own Brick City Poetry Festival.

Rooster Jake--Recently back from a three year sabbatical in Denver Colorado. Organizer of DIY avant garage punk events at Backspace Denver. Founding member of Barely Free, St. Louis' only synth-rap-project that uses a theremin. For a time Rooster and I would yell poems and raps on the MetroLinks of St. Louis (to both boos, threats and standing ovations).

Brett Lars Underwood--Brett Lars Underwood writes near a confused Ficus plant in St. Louis. His influences vary. Think of dogs on his ceiling, free jazz, the sex calls from early-morning birds or jackhammers outside the bedroom window. His verse and riddles have been published by THE BICYCLE REVIEW, 52nd City, THE SUBTERRANEAN, BAD JACKET, and many more.
He unleashed SUNLIT INSULT, his first chapbook, in 2011 and ITS BUSH LENT SUBTLE HINTS hit the streets in October, 2013. 
His most recent book, MUSH (Spartan Press) was released in February. Cop a copy of his book at the reading.