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Consent/Dissent Opening

CONSENT/DISSENT, [ALT+SPACE]’s inaugural exhibition, is a group exhibition that examines the experiences of straight and queer women through the lens of the nation's current sociopolitical climate. This exhibition investigates the emotional labor demanded of women within our society and the discursive, rhetorical, and visual construction of women. Crucially, CONSENT/DISSENT is a testimony of agency. Recent events have once again brought generations of abuse into focus. The exhibition itself acts as a direct response to these events, bringing together artists whose work explores these issues and amplifies the voice of resistance.

Come join us in conversation and enjoy local art and music-

Featured Artists:

-Jessica Bremehr (
-Sixue Yang (Instagram: @dejavucat)
-Janie Stamm (
-Amy Chen(
-Rachel Lebo (
-Nika Marble (
-Brie Henderson (
-Sophie Devincenti (
-Lola Ogbara (

Featuring music by:

Chris Braig (6-7pm)
Nika Marble (815 - 845pm)
DJ Agile One ( (9pm - midnight)