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[LATE SHOW] Blank (TN) w/ Syna So Pro, Body Leash

LATE SHOW Doors at 9:30 | First act at 10 PM
Three incredible solo artists using loops and triggers to build dense, multi-layered songs. 

B|_ANK (Nashville, TN)
Fresh off an opening tour with THE FLAMING LIPS (!!!), Nashville drummer, composer and community organizer William Passionfruit Hicks brings a warped portal of synth and noise with the drumset at the center of it all. 

Syna So Pro
Why every show Syrhea Conaway plays isn't a sold-out blowout I'll never know. Syna So Pro is a vocal-led amalgam of melody and interloping beats. 

Body Leash
Tyler Evans plays fierce, scattershot beats in a way that makes you feel sorry for the drumset -- all the while controlling a backing track of nihilist noise rock by foot.